Thursday, February 11, 2010

11 Days Into It

Nearly 2 weeks in, and today is the first day i didn't want a coffee when I woke up - I wouldn't have even had one if I could, which really surprised me. I've found lots of great recipes and have taken time to try new things. Actually a little planning and a few trips to the health food section has satisfied many urges & cravings. At this point i don't miss most of what we can't have.

I'm finding it really interesting to notice my habits and cravings at certain times of the day often because I'm not getting enough down time or sleep. The only time I want carbs is around the 2:00 point in the day (usually when I haven't slept well or eatten enough), or around 9:00 at night, when I should be going to be early, but stay up a little longer reading or watching TV. I'm reading the sleep section in the Hormone Diet by Dr. Natasha Turner, and how sleep interacts with so many hormones. I never knew how sleep deprived most of us are and how our sleep habits directly relate to our nutrition and weight gain, although I think Kirsten has been trying to tell me this for awhile now...

I'd love to hear how you all are doing and how your feeling. Anybody get a surge of energy or feel really great??

Any Tips/Tricks to get through this weekend...Valentines Day?!

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  1. Hi Guys!

    I tried to post earlier in the week, but I was in a hotel and my internet got disconnected so I lost the post.

    I can't believe we're already so far into this. By Sunday we'll be halfway there!

    Being at the hotel was interesting, this is not the easiest diet to maintain while out in the "real world"!! Like others, I found that sushi is my best bet for takeout, but I think the sushi rice has vinnegar and sugar in it! I also found out (the hard way) that the fake crab meat has wheat in it! Also found out from that experience that I am definitely gluten intollerant! Whoops...

    I think that unless you don't eat anything but food you bring from home for the entire month that there will be a few accidental ingestions. But that experience was good for me, because it strengthened my resolve, and made me really want to stick to the diet while I was on my business trip. We even had a "candy bar" afternoon break with nothing but candies and chocolate that I was able to avoid!

    I think that the chocolate cravings will peak over Valentine's day... but on the upside, at least this way I can convince my husband to give me jewelery instead!

    See you Monday...