Monday, February 22, 2010

3 weeks - the final stretch...

Well, still hanging in there. I survived a whole day away from home with snacks and questions at 2 restaurants. I may have cheated a little - had some mustard in a dressing and stopped at starbucks and got a Vanilla Rooibos Latte which i thought was a vanilla herbal tea. I asked for almond or rice milk and they offered lactose free milk - so i went with it (not sure what exactly it was), and I think they put some Vanilla sugar in it as well. I was worried I'd have the runs on the drive home - but everything was fine. Too bad, I was hoping to be allergic to Starbucks. I would save money!

As we wrap up the final week, I'm wondering what I'm going to indulge in first...I have lots of ideas, but I think I'll try to introduce one at a time in order to see if I have any intolerances. Coffee, Pizza, Wine, Cookies, all the good/bad stuff! Having said that, I can see how easy it will be to maintain a healthy eating style now that I know how to do it. I'm really amazed that in only a few weeks I've learned how to cook so differently. (and easily).

I've been reflecting on how this detox has got me to try new foods and things I never would have tried. My whole family really likes rice crackers (which I thought would taste like rice cakes - but they don't, they are soo good.) Also, i had raw Tuna, occtopus, A whole fish (head and all!), Cornish hen, fennel, celery root, and I know how to use fresh herbs too! I think my eating habits have been changed for good, and i hope yours have too.

See you all on Saturday for our Detox Potluck! Please bring your favorite Detox foods and recipes to share.


  1. congrats on making it through to week three!!!!

  2. Suzanne said
    So we are a go for Saturday???? That will be great. I too have done alot more experimenting with the recipes and feel so good about my choices. I also went out for dinner on the weekend and had Thai food. But I think I made the right choices. I am so proud of myself for being dedicated to this program and now I can actually encourage my clients at the spa because I don't feel like a fraud anymore. I am showing them that I am doing it too and they are seeing the results. It is such an excellent feeling. I'm not even sure if I will splurge after Feb 28th, I realy like how I am feeling. Although I would like the taste of my earl gray tea.... Can't wait to see everyone on Saturday

    Cheers, Suzanne