Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 5!!! Wow can you believe it!

Okay so, I've stopped whinng, and I'm feeling a lot better. I took a long relaxing bath and got a good nights sleep last night. It's hard to believe how lousy you can feel when you take the processed stuff away. It encouraging me to keep going and get in out of my system. The hard part these past few days is the weird cravings I'm having - for food I don't usually have often. I want ice cream, and chicken balls... I told Jay about my plan to just sneek in a few things so he's now become the food police and he says if I cheat he'll post a comment here. I've been invited out to dinner about 8 times since we started this...that never happens that often!

Food aside, I feel it's time to sweat a little to move this process along...I'll be teaching a warm yoga class tomorrow morning at 9:00 designed to work the digestive & lymp system and get a little sweat going. Please feel free to join me!!

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