Sunday, February 28, 2010

We made it!

A few cheats - mostly unavoidable or unknowingly, small cheats...but overall I went for a month without sugar, wheat, dairy, red meat, caffeine, alcohol, vinegar, medications, or any processed or refined foods. It sounded like a crazy challenge, and I thought I'd be miserable. The first few days were hard, cravings and habits had to be broken, but after week one it got a little easier, but a bit boring with the menu I had laid out. During week 2 I started trying new things, to make dinners more interesting. Week 3 was exciting to include new things into my regular routine, and week 4 I was amazed at how easy it was to eat really healthy and feel really good about it. My husband Jay never complained once about anything I cooked, he ate what he wanted at lunch and a few dinners without me and he lost 10 pounds! (As did a few girls from our group!) He's enjoyed the food as much as me, so I'm sure much of this will continue in the weeks that follow. I am contemplating setting another goal for March with a little less restrictions but including dairy, caffeine, vinegar and red meat back into my diet in small amounts. Overall a huge success in my household, not just for the month but for months to come. Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement. If any of you are thinking of clearing some toxins from your diet, we'd be happy to help. The amazing changes from each person in the group is amazing. I can't wait for them to share their experiences - they had some truly amazing shifts in their health and well being. Way to Go Girls!! And Thanks Kirsten!! We could not have done it without you!
I think I'll celebrate with a Grande Double Shot Whole Milk Dolce Latte with Whip and Drizzle!


  1. Congrats everybody, we did it!!!! I had an amazing month and I am going to continue with most of the restrictions. From the detox and the naturopath I have discovered that I shouldn;t eat wheat or drink cow's milk so I will definately keep that out of my diet. Although at Great wolf lodge I had one cookie...I did not feel well after eating it!!!! So I know for sure I will not eat those items. I lost 10 pounds and now I am tweeking my food choices to continue the weight loss. I have more energy, my skin is feeling great and my mind feels clearer. Thank you Gina and Kirsten I will tell many people about the super program.

    Cheers, Suzanne

  2. Gina I forgot to post the recipe you wanted, here it is: Mexican Pinto Beans and Brown Rice. It is from Eat Clean Recharged.

    3tbsp olive oil
    1tsp cumin
    1tsp coriander
    1tsp cinnamon
    1tbsp chili powder
    1 med onion peeled and chopped
    3 cloves garlic chopped
    2 cups brown rice (cooked)
    4 cups pinto beans (I usd romano beans I think they are the same)
    1.5 to 2 cups chicken or veg broth
    3tbsp chipolte peppers, chopped
    2 tbsp tomato paste
    1tsp sea salt

    In a dutch oven med heat, olive oil and spices. until fragrant

    Add chopped onion, cook til soft the add garlic

    Add cooked rice and rinsed beans, stock and chipoltes, tomato paste and salt

    Reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes

  3. YEAH - we did make it, who would have thunk it, I know I didn't think I could make it:) I was definately feeling like it time to be done though, but that said I still have kept to the plan for the most part, hahaha. Part of me is nervous to start eating some of those foods. I had something yesterday and was VERY ill after, so there you go, I need to stick to the plan. Clean eating all the way!! I'm enjoying coffee right now, but no more cream and sugar, and a 'clean' cookie...with dark chocolate chips! Thanks for the inspiration ladies, keep up the good work! I have passed on much of what I have learned to my friends as well. My family still thinks I'm crazy, lol! Live, love, laugh and eat new motto! Peace