Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2

Yesterday was great. No problem, meals went off without a hitch! I even thought at one point that this isn't going to be so hard... By 9:00 pm I was dead tired. Like a truck hit me. Today - I'm a cracky bitch! I'm tired and desperate for a coffee or sugar fix. Ths herbal tea isn't cutting it. I've been hungry all day - or at least I think I'm hungry. I have a headache - the same one I've had for the past 5 days since I've started weaning myself off caffine. The good news is that I know this is temporary! Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow... I just keep thinking of how lucky you all are to not be in my presence today!!


  1. I've been feeling kind of spacey today... I'm looking into some files for some servicing work and getting confused. Have developed a mild headache and am really hungry too. Its all that snacking that I usually do - shouldn't have binged on the salted nuts and chocolate - darn it. I really want someone to come over with prepared meals...like Meals on Wheels for Detoxers... hmm could be a business opportunity there! Will make some stews or soups tonight for quick meals. I have a fridge full of food - just can't get focused. Found organic Sesame corn chips at the Supercentre in Milton Health food dept - YAY!


  2. Day 2 is almost over. So far so good. I feel full and I prepared alot of food like rice , salad and hard boiled eggs. Fruit salad realy helps with the sweet cravings. I also bought some almond spread today. It is great on a plain rice cake. Imagine that, no sugar!! I am feeling anxious about not having chocolate and I do miss my earl grey tea. But I am still okay. Everyone Keep Smiling and think how good we are going to feel by the end of this week!!!

  3. Hahahaha...well if I was with you today Gina, we may have got into a fist fight, I too am VERY cranky, and short as my husband just told me. Despite the meetings I was in today, I managed to get thru with my detox plan, which proves the point that if you're prepared then you can get thru anything! I packed all my snacks (and lots of them), plus my lunch! Funny story - during our break this morning, they brought in fresh coffee and those ever so yummy pastry platters, you know the ones, with donuts, croissants, and danishes...AHHHHH, I came as close to cheating as one can get. I even cut a chocolate croissant in half, put on a plate, then left it there, walked away and ate my non-salted nuts, yum! Hahaha. My coworker wasn't so supportive,she proceeded to tell me "ahh, just forget it, you need a butt anyways" nice, lol! Good luck on day 3 everyone:)

  4. Corrie that is awesome will power! I don't think I would have made it through that...especially if I didn't have a butt. lol!

  5. haha! I was also VERY cranky last night... again, as noted by my loving husband! I am having headaches, and there was a chocolate screaming my name all afternoon, but I ignored it! I had some brown rice at dinner and that really helped me feel satisfied.

    As Corrie said, I don't think that it's while I'm at work in my cube that is the problem. I know that I'm only allowed to eat what is within my four half-walls :) But it's all of the offsite events coming up this week and next that are really going to test me.

    I definite feel better from a GI perspective... am starting to wonder if I have a gluten sensitivity. Also - I've already managed to lose 3 lbs! It's probably all water, but still, I'm definitely feeling less bloated. Once the headache subsides I think I will feel great!

    Good luck ladies... it's nice to hear that we're going through the same symptoms!